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Recycle 4 720

LaSalle Investment Management recognise that buildings have a major impact on the environment and are committed to playing a key role in addressing global environmental challenges through the investments they make, as well as through day to day operations.

LaSalle have designed internal policies and business practices in consideration of the social, environmental, and economic impact of their operations.

At Sailmakers, we work with our tenants, shoppers, property managers, and contractors to ensure the best sustainable solutions for our shopping centre whilst maximising investment performance.

We are pleased to share with you some key highlights from our sustainability programme here in Ipswich.

The centre has recently transformed its waste management which has continuing to show positive results: 

  • Reduce the high 63% waste to landfill figure achieved at end of 2016 to 0% waste to Landfill from Nov 2017 and through to May 2018
  • Diverted 67,930 tonnes of waste to incineration away from landfill sites
  • Saved the equivalent of 761 trees since 2016
  • Saved the equivalent of 24,913 kg of CO2 since 2016
  • Generated the equivalent of 33.57 (MWh) of Power through waste incineration
  • Increased recycling at Sailmakers from waste streams by 44% since 2016
  • Recycled 47,454 tonnes of waste since 2016
  • All Tenants now recycle their inhouse waste streams directly at source